St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Rehabilitation 

Chicago, IL

AltusWorks was selected by the Bishops and Trustees of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Chicago on behalf of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church to develop a rehabilitation plan to integrate parish functions into the existing church building while respecting the historic character and restoring the edifice. 

As the architect AltusWorks facilitated design workshops with the parishioners to gather their unique perspectives, thoughts, and desires related to the congregation’s mission, liturgical practices and programmatic adjacencies. From this process a phased master plan was developed, and the first phase focused on reoccupation and programmatic framework was completed in 2021. 

The side aisles were converted to administrative functions, incorporating reading rooms, a glass enclosed pastors office, and a historic chapel.  Fixed seating was reduced to provide a gathering area at the north end of the nave and the narthex was repurposed into a smaller entry, pantry and toilet rooms.  New air conditioning and ventilation was seamlessly integrated while removing past intrusive installations and restoring the nave’s volume. To showcase with beauty of the nave and it’s decorative trusses, the historic decorative chandeliers were restored and refurbished with modern sources and accent lighting.



St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, restoration complete.

St. Peter’s Church Rehabilitation, Master Plan diagram 

St. Peter’s Church Rehabilitation, before nave.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, rehabilitation in progress.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, completed rehabilitation.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, completed rehabilitation.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Side aisle completed rehabilitation.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Pastor’s office completed rehabilitation.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Chancel completed rehabilitation.