SB Fuller House Condition Assessment and Feasibility Study

Robbins, IL

The Fuller House built in 1956 and located in Robbins, Illinois is historically significant due to its association with the prominent African American entrepreneur, civil rights activist, and businessman, Samuel B. Fuller. The mid-century modern home was designed to foster a strong connection to the exterior through a series of private and public spaces arranged in a C-shape each facing onto their own exterior patio, deck or courtyard and connected by large sliding glass, full height windows and doors. The circular living room is the heart of the home around which the other spaces are organized.

The house has been vacant for decades and has fallen into a state of disrepair. AltusWorks was engaged by the Robbins Historical society to prepare a feasibility study for the restoration and adaptation of the house to act as a house and local history museum. The study established a comprehensive, prioritized repair scope which addressed water and air leakage remediation, envelope restoration, site feature stabilization, life safety improvements, interior finish restoration, and infrastructure upgrades.

SB Fuller House, street elevation.

SB Fuller House, garage.
SB Fuller House, living room.

SB Fuller House, custom casework.

SB Fuller House, courtyard.

SB Fuller House, living room and its deck.