Obama Presidential Center 

Chicago, IL

The new Obama Presidential Center will be located in Jackson Park along Chicago’s lakefront. Comprised of five building types, and reimagining what a Presidential Library can be, the complex will include a theater, museum, library, athletic center ‘form’, outdoor gathering spaces, and underground parking. 

AltusWorks has been retained to serve as the Building Envelope Commissioning Agent whose role requires detailed review and analysis of the Owner’s Performance Requirements, Basis of Design and design documents. Specifically, our review focuses on the detailing, continuity and integration of the building’s air/vapor barriers, water management, and thermal barrier systems with adjacent enclosure assemblies including flat and extensive green roofing, windows, curtainwalls and door systems. Additionally, AltusWorks will identify and witness systems testing and other quality assurance processes, such as mock-ups and in-situ functional testing to verify that systems and details are properly installed, and systems are meeting their performance criteria.