Marshall Field Garden Apartments, Lobby, and Management Office Renovations

Chicago, IL

Built in 1929 and listed on the National Register for Historic Places, the Marshall Field Garden Apartments consist of 620 residential units over ten five-story walk-up apartment buildings, occupying a full city block on the near north side of Chicago. The complex was purchased by Related Midwest in 2014 and is one of several properties that has been renovated and upgraded using a combination of Federal Historic and Illinois Housing Department Authority Tax Credits.
As part of this massive renovation project, AltusWorks was engaged as the architect to create a new entrance sequence and renovate the management office to break down barriers between the residents and ownership, establish trust, and elevate residents’ self-worth. AltusWorks re-envisioned the non-historic lobbies creating a connection to the street, capturing natural light, and opening up sightlines. The transformed management office fosters a sense of caring and professional service, while protecting the private information of its residents and improving their daily experience and safety.
Marshall Field Garden Apartments, restored
Marshall Field Garden Apartments, renovated lobby
Marshall Field Garden Apartments, management office
Marshall Field Garden Apartments, new entrance at courtyard
Marshall Field Garden Apartments, new entrance at street