Evanston History Center Restoration 

Evanston, IL

AltusWorks was selected in 2010 by the Evanston History Center to develop a phased restoration program for the celebrated Charles Gates Dawes Mansion, a National Historic Landmark. With a deep understanding of the Mansion’s importance as an artifact to Evanston history, the Center was well prepared to embrace the phased restoration program crafted to support the Center’s fundraising efforts, enhance the structures’ integrity, and affect environmental efficiencies and sustainable technologies. Multiple phases of work have been executed restoring the exterior masonry façade and main entrance, mitigating water infiltration and air leakage, addressing structural deficiencies at the Coach house, replacing the rear porch, improving outdoor event space, interpreting the demolished observatory, and installing a 16-well ground source heating/cooling system. In protection of the mansion’s interior historic materials and the contents of the Center’s house museum, heat pumps were discretely integrated in key locations providing appropriate climate control without disturbing or altering historic fabric 


  • 2015 Design Evanston Award for Rehabilitation 
  • 2014 City of Evanston Preservation and Design Award, Innovative Solutions In Preservation 


Evanston History Center Front Elevation, restoration in progress 

Evanston History Center, restored main entrance.

Drilling for geothermal wells.

Evanston History Center, restored stair.

Evanston History Center, restored Coach House.

Rear Porch, reconstructed.

Evanston History Center, restored side porch.