Critical Examinations UIC

Chicago, IL
For our first engagement with University of Illinois Chicago in 2008, AltusWorks prepared Critical Examination and Facade Repair Programs for seven buildings at the both UIC’s east and west campus in Chicago. The educational, research, and administrative buildings were built between 1910 and 1960 and ranged in height from 5 to 13 stories. The construction types included heavy timber, concrete framing with brick, limestone and terra cotta masonry cladding, reinforced concrete structure with window walls, and pre-cast concrete panels. The evaluation process adhered to Rules and Regulations of the City’s 2008 Exterior Wall Ordinance which included swing stage access to review exterior wall conditions up close and perform select inspection openings to review concealed conditions of anchorage and supporting structure. The evaluations resulted in seven comprehensive reports outlining observed conditions, failure modes, repair recommendations, and projected budgets. The reports have been used by the University for the development of projects and fiscal planning. We are proud to continue to provide these type of services to the University and other high-rise building owners.
Science and Engineering Center, 1967.
Illinois Neuropsychiatric Institute Building, c. 1940.
Science and Engineering, Staff Offices, 1965.
Marshfield Avenue Building, 1950.

College of Dentistry, 1969.

Art and Design Hall, c. 1920.
College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs Hall, c. 1920.