AltusWorks Welcome its Newest Team Members
August 30, 2022
AltusWorks is pleased to announce that architectural designers Melissa Smith and Mary Begley and façade assessor Marty Kelly have joined our team. Melissa graduated with a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Kansas where she completed the University Honors Program, was Vice President of Architecture Student Council, and earned certificates in Historic Preservation, Health & Wellness, and Global Awareness. Melissa studied sustainable design and adaptive reuse in Copenhagen, Denmark and won the 2020 Architects Foundation / John McAslan + Partners Fellowship. Her professional experience is based on large scale multi-family projects. Melissa was part of a team that published a study about the benefits of a hybrid community hospitals in rural American towns. At AltusWorks she will apply these skills and expand her involvement in historic preservation projects. Mary earned her Master’s in Architecture from the University of Minnesota and has gained experience in the industry as a designer, researcher, teacher, and historian. Her specific interest is revealing architectural history which developed through her education and experience across the Midwest. Her diverse background includes experience at all phases of design and construction, from pre-design research to carpentry. Mary is interested in the environmental and cultural capacities of preservation and adaptive reuse, the shifting scales of architectural design across history, and collaboration as a design method. We look forward to Mary fulfilling these interests through an array of our projects. Marty’s concrete and masonry restoration experience and expertise in the repair of high-rise building enclosures expands over three decades. Marty was employed at several of the most prominent restoration contractors in Chicago. Marty supervised the concrete and masonry restoration work at several projects designed by AltusWorks and has an established relationship with our staff. Marty will assist our preservation architects in the detailed assessment of building enclosures and will lend his expertise in the constructability of recommended repairs. We welcome our new ‘M’ employees to our ever-growing, diverse team.